Although every profile should come up on the first page of Google searches, profile placement on the first page will be different. Some profiles will come up as the top hit on the first page of Google. It all depends on what else could come up in the search.

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Membership In The Appropriate Closed Group Facebook Page

Re-Enter Responsibly

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Support For The People Who Love You

Family members and friends you list as approved can join the closed group Facebook page “People Who Love Us”. Your approval list is kept private.

Free Business Advertising

Members who launch their own full or part time businesses can do free advertising to their closed group Facebook page for mutual financial support. Members can also do free advertising on the My Record Now Facebook page for financial support from the public. The staff at My Record Now expects all business owners to provide the service/product they promise with excellent customer service. We encourage service and product reviews.

Free Better Planet Business Membership For One Year

    If your business makes donations to charities and nonprofits, you can have one year of free membership with the business directory, Better Planet Business.

Positive Online Identity

    Your positive identity shows you are making positive choices in your life.

Positive Identities For Your Children

Protect your children from the character assassination of your mugshot. Giving yourself a positive online identity nowshot gives your children a way to feel positive identities for themselves. If adults or other children make negative comments about you, your children could talk about your positive online identity. Your children could direct criticizers to visit this directory to see for themselves. Your children would have a small amount of control in a situation that took all control away from them.

Writing Your Story For The MRN Blog

People won’t know what your life was like before your mugshot unless you tell them. People won’t know what your life is like after your mugshot unless you tell them. Your life experiences helped create who you are. We might be able to prevent more mugshots if people understood why mugshots happen.

All stories are published anonymously to protect your privacy.


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