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In the documentary Mugshot, an ex-offender calls mugshots “character assassination”.

Whether you were:

  • wrongfully arrested,
  • committed a crime and did the time,
  • convicted while innocent,
  • arrested only to have the charges dismissed,

you need reputation management. You need to end the character assassination and get your life back on a positive path.

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Got a negative identity mugshot?

Get a positive identity nowshot!

A positive identity when you need it.

Privacy protection 24/7.

A nowshot shows your life now. See Meebles Cat’s nowshot.

My Record Now gives you a positive identity when someone searches for your name and mugshot/mug shot, arrest record, or criminal record.

When someone comes to My Record Now to look at a different profile, your profile is invisible.

Positivity From Paula

Childhood Story #1

When my Mom married my Dad, she thought he had a job. He didn’t. She had to get a job. After I was born my Dad still didn’t get a job. He didn’t want to take care of me, either. When my Mom came home for her job, I was always hungry and wet.  Then one day my Dad went out and didn’t come back. The police had arrested him for armed robbery. My Mom divorced my Dad and married another man while I was still a baby. My stepdad adopted me so I have his last name.

My Record Now helps you create the positive path you need. When people do searches looking for your mugshot or criminal history, your My Record Now profile should appear on the first page of Google searches. See the membership example for what people will see about you. One of my daughter’s cats is the example because My Record Now protects the privacy of members. Everything on Meebles Cat’s profile is true.

Do a search for Meebles Cat mugshot to see the profile on Google’s first page.

Search results will vary. Profile placement on Google’s first page will be different. Some profiles will come up as the top hit. Some profiles will come up further down the page. It all depends on what else could come up in the search.

My Record Now also provides closed group Facebook pages so members can support each other emotionally and financially. Members who want to can write the stories behind and beyond their mugshots for the blog. All stories are published anonymously to protect privacy. See the benefits list on the Membership page for more details.

Rebuilt lives create positive identities. Positive lives create successes for communities. Communities build on combined individual successes to create community successes. Those combined individual and community successes then spark success for other individuals, other communities, and beyond. Each positive life adds to these ripples of success.

My Record Now is a ripple of success, and its success will come about because of ripples added by two brothers in prison, Ricky and Harold Bonilla. Ricky helped name the closed group Facebook pages. Harold drew the artwork for all of the Facebook pages. Their ripples became possible because of the mutual friend who introduced me to the brothers, Beverly Isaacson. Plus, ripples of success came to me from two restorative justice professionals and a friend with computer skills, Katy. One ripple started with my dental hygienist, Kristie. In the early stages of My Record Now, I told Kristie about the directory. One conversation with Kristie helped me understand how to explain the purpose of My Record Now to everyone else. Ripples of success creating more ripples of success, headed towards you.

Everyone benefits from each ripple of success.

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